Malcesine Baldo Trail – 1k Vertical

Friday 3 may 2024 – 2.30 p.m.








The Vertical Race is one-of-a-kind in the inventory of Monte Baldo Trail. Trailers are offered the logistic convenience of the cable car, which will take them to the starting point and, eventually, from the summit station back to Malcesine! This five-star service supports a short but intense course without respite. If you are motivated and determined enough, just sign up and keep your engines warm for the other lengths… we guarantee, this race will satisfy your hunger for adrenaline.

Start: the start of the race is slightly uphill of the Monte Baldo Cable Car Station of S. Michele.

Finish: the finish line of the race is at Passo Tratto Spino, not far from the Monte Baldo Cable Car station uphill.

The starting point is just above the intermediate cable car station, on a cart track that gives the runners enough room for outdistancing. The course gets increasingly steeper, through trails across the thick woods of the western slope of Monte Baldo. There are no objective dangers: in some stretches the trails are singletrack but leave anyway room for overtaking among runners.

After reaching the summit stretch of the course, one last effort will allow you to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of Lake Garda before crossing the finish line.

From the town of Malcesine, the athletes will reach S. Michele Station via cable car. There they can leave their bags which will be transferred to the summit station via cable car.

At the end of the race, the athletes will get back to Malcesine via cable car.

All the athletes are allowed to use the Monte Baldo Cable Car services for free.